I hate being alone. I love being alone. No, truthfully I hate it. So how did I end up alone at the lake house for three arduous days? I could blame God but this was all my doing. There is a significance to the number three in the bible, it means completeness. I’m trying to […]

There was a very old woman who lived in a small village and was known for her wisdom.  The children in town decided they were going to deceive the old woman and ruin her reputation.  A young boy caught a small bird, which he showed his young friends.  He said, “I will ask the old woman if […]

PrologueMy name is Regan Romano and just when I thought I might be headed for a mild midlife crisis I decided a better alternative might be to write. What came first the crisis or the book? We may never know? The term crisis might be a tad dramatic, but if you consider how this narrative […]

The last dance, the last meal, the last kiss with your beloved, you have no way of knowing when this will be. I was thinking of lasts recently, feeling both thankful and disheartened, that these moments can pass away when I am unaware. The older I get, the more I realize, the gift of every […]


I decided early on, if I did the laundry, then the children should be able to put away their clean clothes. I truly believed I was developing my children’s independence and sense of responsibility. So I devised a clever system for receiving and dispersing laundry.  The design was brilliant but not in the way I […]

I’m not complaining, I actually love it, but I have discovered that blogging can be a navigational nightmare. I usually start with a recent experience, a person I encounter, or a book that I am reading and I create a mind map. Have you heard of mind maps?  I get excited just thinking about it. […]

Andy Rooney says, “For most of life, nothing wonderful happens. If you don’t enjoy getting up and working and finishing your work and sitting down to a meal with family or friends, then the chances are you’re not going to be very happy. If someone bases his happiness on major events like a great job, […]

I’m watching a father teach his daughter the basics of tennis from the balcony of a condo in Lake Tahoe. (I’m crashing my sister’s vacation) She’s just learning the game and clearly the father is a seasoned player.  He shows her how to correctly grip the racket, then walks around the net, and gently serves […]

Add caption A father’s voice is one of the first sounds a child hears.  In my life it was the voice of love, the voice of reason, and the sound I now long to hear. My dad was the one who pulled me back when I got out of line or at the very least […]