50 Shades of Ordinary

I am a high school teacher and yes I’ve been singing, “Schools Out,” all week long, loudly, and off key. I know my family is thrilled – to go to work. I also created a summer list. (Seems a little less threatening than a bucket list) My first item was to start a blog. The minute I wrote it down I knew it was a mistake but what can you do? To calm my nerves I made a list of ten things I could write about that I was sure my anticipated readership would find fascinating.  

I have a phobia about people reading what I write, that includes my grocery lists, so this was another exercise in facing my fears.  My list of appetizer topics included turtle metaphors, what the hell is a halo, tweet the meaning of life in 140 characters, would Jesus have a Facebook, etc., but when I started writing the blog, these bellicose ideas kept turning up on my page, and trumping the list. When I run out of steam I can always return to the dream topics.  

I also noted a few books I want to read like Girl on a Train and The practice of Buddhism (I’m teaching World Religions next year so I’m prepping). I made a list of movies I want to watch again like, It’s complicated, Casa Blanca, and The Way We Were (Yes, I noticed the congruent theme). I want to try the Bayside Cafe in Moro Bay, stay a few nights in a tree house at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, and reconnect with my old friend Lynn (She’s not old, we’ve just been friends a long time, and now I’ll find out if she’s reading my blog). I have a space to check off items as they are completed because I like feeling accomplished and I admit I’m slightly neurotic. 

I’m also making a list of new discoveries like Lula’s sea salt caramels (to die for), fresh artichoke bread from Pescadero, and my new bible study IPhone app called She Reads Truth.  I know, calm down, my life is riveting. Turns out I’m 50 shades of ordinary. (Not to be confused with 50 shades of Grey) 

This is where the fun begins, leave a thought or two in the comments, be your own tint of ordinary. 

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  1. I guess zip lines, rope courses and sea kayaking are already checked off the list! Call if you need any help with the tree house sleep-over (if Lerry isn't invited), old movies, Pescadero artichoke bread, and caramels are my favorite! smg


  2. Top on my list is to be creative. I want to spend a lot of quality time with my grandkids and to catch up with old friends.


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