What’s in your Refrigerator?

After a long weekend, I was cleaning out the refrigerator at the lake house, and forced to confront the jumble of food lingering on the shelves. An assortment of delectable treats comes with each new guest and the leftovers take up residency in the bowels of this old Kenmore. When stacking jars of expired salsas, olives, and salad dressings on the counter, I found myself linking people with products, just for fun. Way in the back I found hardened salami still in the wrapper, moldy cheese, and some rancid sour cream from last summer. Who does that remind me of? When I open the doors of this refrigerator it is like opening the cover of a novel, stacked inside are real stories, and poignant chapters all associated with the sharing of a meal. There was leftover steak from Memorial Weekend, when all my kids slept under one roof, and the remains of a kale salad reserved for the rugged at heart. The empty bottles of wine remind me of  late night chats, lingering around the table, long after the candles have burned down low.  It’s a cafeteria of life, stored in a mechanism designed to preserve, and the contents are so telling. What has found sanctuary on the shelves of your refrigerator?  Do tell…

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