Are you floating or building an ark?

There is so much to be thankful for in this life and also much to mourn.  My life is like the ocean, just as I’m reaching the shore, I feel the power of the opposing motion, pulling me back.  I try to pay attention to the good things, focus on the blessings, but it seems impossible to remain in one place.  The word grateful comes from the Latin word, gratus, meaning “thankful or pleasing.” This is easy enough to understand, it’s the feeling that douses you in optimism, like the blessing of new life, a hard earned achievement, or unexpected good news.  What I find confounding, is the ability to maintain a grateful disposition when subject to the whims of the current, the loss of life, the missed opportunity, or the sudden onset of an illness. This is when I am brought to my knees and generally resort to prayer (humbled, lost, forsaken) Webster defines prayer as a petition, “to ask earnestly, beg, entreat.” Sometimes God tosses me a life preserver and other times I get instructions on how to build my own ark. The push and pull of life is part of the human predicament.  I say, be gentle with one another, you never know if someone is floating, or building an ark.

Are you pleased or pleading? 

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