A deep and abiding love

I watch as my daughter tries the family baptismal gown on her own daughter, Audrey Mae, the newest addition to our family. She slips the beautiful gown over her head, straightens the long skirt, which falls about a foot longer than the child. I remember a time, not so long ago, when I parroted these very same motions. It stirs something deep inside to watch my daughter preparing her daughter for the sacrament of baptism. I could stand there watching these daughters of my heart for all eternity. Something deep inside swells, my eyes sting, and I am transformed by this extraordinary love. Audrey will enter into her own faith journey today but she won’t be walking this path alone. She’ll be accompanied by two amazing parents, Godparents that adore her, a gaggle of aunts and uncles, steadfast friends, a swarm of loving grandparents, and some great-grandparents who have modeled so beautifully a deep and abiding love of family.  

As the Fr. Chris blesses Audrey, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” we also reclaim our faith, renouncing Satan, and acknowledging the redeeming power of forgiveness in our lives. We may live in a broken world, but it feels good and well to experience the omniscient presence of God in the water and the light, substances so steeped in symbolism they’ve become spiritually efficacious. 

It is a beautiful reminder of our connection to all of humanity. When we return to the house for refreshments, my daughter hangs the baptismal dress over the chair, a dress my Auntie Neva made for me so many years ago. It gives me hope in the succession of new life and the eternal blessing of family.

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