The Archer of Envy

Living in the Gap
A paradox of anticipation and fear
Will this day grant me the privilege of time
Allow the nausea of reflection
To regurgitate my thoughts
upon the porcelain page
I buckle under the weight of unleashed expression
Freaked out that my truth has been flushed away

Or will my dream gather like lint in the dryer
Until solid
Cradled in my arthritic hand?

I stretch the bulls-eye 
deeply vulnerable
Just when the moment is ripe
God places a pearl of great price at my weary feet

The first dart 
 lodges between my blades
Dangling like a chad
Challenging my right
To speak 

In the wee hours 
Of my glory be
When time fails to exist
The second dart
A direct hit

The archer of envy
Stands triumphant 
Over the twisted pile of wreckage 
But she fails to remember
I come from debris
And from dust I shall return

I think poetry can convey an intangible truth. Like a breeze it ripples the the placid water. Thoughts…

I’ll be Living in the Gap, join me?


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  1. Poetry, like singing comes from deeper… twisting emotions thoughts in a mist. We often can't don't know what the writer's story is…but we apply our own experiences and feel. smg


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