Guest Blog by Dante Oreglia – When the Geese Fly Away

All I said was, “When I open the back door to the lake house the geese fly away,” and mom screamed, “That’s a blog.” She informed me that I would be today’s guest blogger, opened her computer, and demanded I expand on this thought.

When I open the back door to the lake house the geese fly away. My dog roams the empty beach, establishing his territory as we unload our gear, and settle into our rooms. I notice how the geese fly away empty, simple, and without any baggage. They are free to land on the next beach, or float up to a new resting place, confident that they will find what they need. The geese resemble a sort of simplicity whereas humans lean towards complexity. Simplicity might be an appealing idea but it is difficult for us to achieve. I think we are defined by what we carry with us, like phones that make us feel connected, or the costumes we wear that augment (mom’s word) the roles we play. My mom immediately reminded me of a scripture where Jesus councils his disciples to travel light. “When Jesus called his followers together, he empowered them to restore the people they would encounter in their travels. He sent them out to establish a new social order based on love. He told them, ‘Take nothing for the journey; no selfie stick, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra clothing. Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that town, transience is not attractive. If people do not welcome you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave, as a symbol of their rejection.’” (Adapted from Luke 9:1-10)  You can travel so much further when you travel light. The more you have the more you are tied down. Furthermore, what we travel with defines us, and I think Jesus’ intention was for the disciples to meet people where they are, without the costumes, symbols of power, and various distractions. He wanted them to have the agility to leave on a moment’s notice. Our large and complex entry into situations can be disturbing to the inhabitants. It is interesting that the geese fly back when we leave.

Check out this footage of Geese taking flight

What’s in your bag? 


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  1. Dante… Love this post and hearing your voice. Great analogy and reminder. Birds don't worry about tomorrow either. But you can't take the analogy to far (I tried). The saying \”for the birds\” refers to birds eating the seeds from animal \”droppings\”. Because they don't carry much…they have to eat what's available. That would be a bummer at the lake house! Glad you bring food with you (and wine!). Hugs. smg


  2. Glad you like my post Sue, my mom is a bit pushy when she wants something, I travel heavy and proud of it. Dante


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