I have a weird streak, it’s true, I’ve been thinking about these things all morning, and I’m pretty sure it’s abnormal, or totally normal, which would really freak me out.  I’m a little hesitant to ask what you think, but I’m going out on a limb, and suggest you leave a comment. Is it weird…to […]

I found my old pez dispenser today, I held it in my hand, as years of memories sifted through my mind like sand. I don’t remember why I thought this thing was so cool but clearly owning one was an asset in elementary school. The candy was sub-par but the way it dispersed through the […]

Living in the Gap is about my search for mindfulness (I realize this term is mindlessly overused), my struggle to live in the moment, and my evolving awareness of the irresistible present. I drag you along because I don’t like to do things on my own (there are a few obvious exceptions), besides it’s more […]

My friend Rachael Arruda, from Rhode Island (yes I have friends outside of California), sent me this short video clip, with older women advising their younger selves, on how to live given a redo. I know this topic has been chewed over a million times, but it stuck on me like a wad of gum […]

The research is clear, sometime around the age of 45 our brains unravel, and unfortunately our cognitive abilities start to decline. I don’t know about you but this freaks me out. We (baby boomers) are now struggling to find our wallets, keys, sunglasses, remember names, passwords, and connect new information to past experiences. Larry and […]


The fall semester is officially launched, but like fat to a belly, I remain staunchly attached to the remnants of summer. I refute the evidence like a seasoned lawyer even though my pigment is in an all-out fade.  According to Newsweek it is time to ditch the daily shave, trash the Tory Burch flip flops, and tuck those […]