The business of growing old is like being subject to a greedy landlord, who demands payment whether you’re occupied with yourself, or shielded by mundane distractions. The years roll by, it goes faster than we ever imagined, and we arrived at middle-age compelled to look back while attempting to envision a future. To me, focusing […]


I started boot camp a few days ago. Let me just repeat, I STARTED BOOT CAMP A FEW DAYS AGO, and I can’t move a single joint without massive, unbearable, waves of pain shooting through my ravaged, anguished, depleted body, leaving me in the uncompromising predicament of not being able to assuage my overwhelming hunger, because a trip […]

I ask my students to share a story about a time when they felt fully nourished.  I don’t give them any parameters, just an open ended question, I stand back and wait.  Often during my ever so creative warm ups, I’m faced with abject silence, averted eyes, and nervous twitter, but that would not be the […]


The very things I want most in life are often elusive. The intangible concept of self that seeks compassion without revealing it’s soul, my ever present ball busting ego, or that carefully constructed outer persona who demands center stage. Most of the time I’m just confused by my thoughts, the ceaseless internal conflicts, and the honest […]


There are wet sheets in the washer from three days ago, I totally forgot about them, or intentionally avoided the whole soggy mess, but regardless I’ll have to wash them again before I can start a new load. I dump the dirty bundle of clothes on the floor, set the old load on light wash, […]