This is my favorite time of year. The weather outside is crisp and cool, which makes me grateful for the intermittent presence of the sun. It must be the bright illumination juxtaposed with the dullness of the season that draws me into a reflective space. I love to sit in the fall, perched on the […]


Life is packed with unexpected gifts, especially when I take the time to listen. I’m thinking about a conversation I had with my mom a few days ago. She recently sold her house in Chehalis, Washington, a place she called home for more than thirty-five years, and she’s moving back to Los Gatos, California. In a […]

I drove past a funeral the other day and was fixated by the small group of mourners gathered around the coffin. It was the uniformity of the attendees that caught my eye. The shiny brass handles of the coffin stood out like a shrine against the black clad flock of grievers. It made me wonder […]

I’ve learned a lot from Truman the cat. He has been lounging around our lives for about sixteen years and I have watched this guy get exactly what he wants out of life. We house, feed, medicate, and offer Truman unconditional love. He acts like he’s a guest at the Grand Feline Hotel. Truman might […]

It all started with a drip. Our renter calls to let us know water is dripping from his ceiling. This is a problem because he is located on the bottom floor of a two story unit. Larry runs over, the ceiling is indeed sporting an aggressive drip, which means a pipe has broken inside the […]

I sit at my Grandmother’s desk, with my cold coffee, salty skin, and sweat dried clothing from an early morning boot camp. I try to shut down the verbal brawling of my thoughts in order to find a placid stream of wisdom, flowing with ideas, something that will lead me in a worthy direction. I […]