I’m thinking about friendship today. It’s the most confounding concept imaginable. The idea that someone would pluck me out of obscurity and claim me as their own is rather cosmic. Who am I to deserve such a radical gift? This is how I understand friendship, someone who allows my fears to come busting into the […]

I had a dream last night. A favorite of mine. My dad, who passed away over five years ago, appeared in this bazaar reverie, but by morning the details were kind of hazy. In my dream, I was conscious enough to recognize it as a rare moment. I grabbed him up in a hug and […]

Today I’m writing with a headache. The pain is isolated in the frontal lobe, so I can sort of ignore it, especially if I focus on something else. By the way, it sucks being allergic to aspirin, what else can numb pain? (If someone writes ‘exercise’ in the comments I will delete it) I’m sitting […]

Sometimes I feel wretched when I write, I bellow into the empty room, “I’m not going to take it anymore.” Larry leans in the door, “Are you returning something to Amazon?” Is he kidding, “go away.” I reconsider, “and bring me some warm coffee.” He seems annoyed but complies. This might have something to do […]

I have been pursuing the illusive meaning of life for as long as I can remember. Maybe it started the first time I faced my own mortality. The neighborhood bullies caught me and my friend playing on the monkey bars at the elementary school, it was right across the street from my house, located on […]

It is January…dark, quiet, and calm. For many of us, January can be symbiosis, a living together, or companion with depression. The splashy seductions of Christmas are gone, along with the parties, the lights, and the presents. The nativity story, that pulls us willingly into its potent fairytale, has been stored in the attic. The […]