An Evolutionary Glitch

I had a dream last night. A favorite of mine. My dad, who passed away over five years ago, appeared in this bazaar reverie, but by morning the details were kind of hazy. In my dream, I was conscious enough to recognize it as a rare moment. I grabbed him up in a hug and said, “Dad, how are you here?” He looked to be in his fifties (my age), full head of hair, and that signature smile. Before he could answer, Larry (husband) conveniently popped into the dream, now that I think about it, he was about the same age as my dad. Sigmund Freud would have a heyday with that one. I said to him, “Honey, can you see my dad?” I’m sure Jesus felt the same way when he was talking to his father. Without hesitation, Larry said, “Yeap, I see him.” 

See, even in my dreams, Larry confirms my reality. I remember thinking did I miss something? I looked at Larry (still dreaming) and said, “How can this be?” He responded like I was inquiring about the weather, “He never died.” I totally accept his answer and start rearranging my memories to fit this new reality. My dad never died? Well that makes total sense to me now. It’s like when Larry goes on his post-Christmas rant, “We HAVE NO MONEY, ZERO SPENDING,” then he goes out and buys a tuxedo from NORDSTROMS. Reality check please. Just so you’re not confused, this is not The Truman Show, my dad did not come back to life. It’s only a dream, sort of like Larry’s budget.

Now I know I talked with my dad in this dream, but I have no recollection of the conversation, like when you drink to much wine. To bad we can’t preserve our dreams on some sort of  dreamcam and watch them when we wake up. Oh that would be a crowd pleaser. Why doesn’t someone figure it out? I think a dreamcam would be a lot more valuable then researching whether chickens like to be grass fed or caged. 

So on a morning walk I tell Larry about our dream, “We saw my dad in a dream last night.” He’s not too interested, I tend to share my dreams with Larry on a regular basis, apparently they are rather dull, and repetitive. Larry claims he doesn’t dream, I say he has a poor memory, or some unexplainable medical condition. It’s not normal. He thinks it’s an evolutionary advantage. So is balding. 

So I explain in detail about his part of the dream and then I get a little accusatory, “I wish you could remember what my dad said.” He gives me the look, “I wasn’t there!” Me, “But we’ll never know, because you’re an evolutionary glitch.” (I wanted to say defect, but I’m super nice.) He mumbles something under his breath, “Thank god I can’t spend time in your head.” Me, “It would be a dream.” Larry, “It would be a nightmare.” This is the reality I live with, its not easy, but someone has to do it. I say, “But you were right, he never died.” He doesn’t respond because he’s being smug.

14 Common Dreams and Symbols – Check out this great blog about dreams!

So what illusions are you hanging on to? Leave them in the comments, we’ll perform an exorcism, and banish them together. 

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