We bought a home on the edge of the water, some five years back, a sweet spot in our otherwise serendipitous marriage. Both of us surrendering to the desire to hack out a space of our own in the California dreamscape. He wanted water, I wanted rows of adirondack chairs, he wanted a boat dock, […]

I live in Campbell. My house faces North, on a typical suburban road, where the homes are so tightly packed, I have to squeeze myself out of the neighborhood from time to time, like oil from tuna, in order to breath. James Dunham, of Campbell, our infamous serial killer, must of felt squeezed, when he murdered […]


The sad thing about road trips is when you come across those forsaken little markers, where a person’s life has ended, but you don’t know who, and you don’t know how. Sometimes I use my imagination to fill in the blanks, but this isn’t necessarily helpful, or true. According to the CDC approximately 77,000 pedestrians […]

“All the creativity books in the world aren’t going to help you if you’re unwilling to have lousy, lame, and even dangerously bad ideas,” Seth Godin. I’m just putting this out there. Conversely, Ali Benjamin advises (yes, she is the one obsessed with jellyfish) something a little more practical. She says establishing a clear topic […]


This is my one hundredth posting. The rings of thoughts circling my mind are now Living in the Gap. Today I’m a bit of an emotional wreck, I sit in my backyard, commiserating with my beautiful magnolia tree, deeply rooted in the western corner. This is the space I return to, time after time, to […]


I slide a DVD in the temperamental player, on the life of Siddhartha Gautama, because I’m prepping for an upcoming lesson on Buddhism. I already know Siddhartha abandons his young wife and newborn son in search of enlightenment. I sit down with this preconceived, judgmental attitude about abandonment, and pursuing ones own selfish interests (women’s […]