Keep it Brief…

I don’t like change. Let me be perfectly clear, I do not like change of any kind, this works well with my personality, not so well with reality. As one would expect, God likes to mess with me. 

Let’s consider technology, a major source of frustration for many fifty-somethings, it’s always changing, and makes no allowances for those of us who are technically challenged. If my kids hadn’t abandoned me, gone off to college, I would have never joined Facebook, and now I’m not sure I can live without it? (Blog idea: Did God leave Facebook behind?)
When I started my blog in May of 2015 I had to engage with social media in order to attract followers. Now this might be news to some, but I’m kind of wordy, and here we have a popular form of social media that allows communication in 140 characters or less. What the hell? A status update in less than three paragraphs? Who does that?

Ask and you shall receive. So while I’m moaning about the unfairness of social media, the hazards of blogging, Julie drops by the house, rolls her eyes, and leaves me a list of blogs that are popular with the young crowd. A cup of Jo, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Say Yes…
All of them are short, crisp, and sassy. “Mom you need to shorten your posts and you need a theme.” Me, “I have a theme, Living in the Gap.” “That means absolutely nothing to anyone.” “Isn’t that a double negative?” “Mom, no one wants to read about your arguments with dad.” “Why?” “You need to read other blogs.” “I read the Bloggess but all she says is fuck.” “That is irrelevant.” “The story of my life.” 
As soon as I perfected my twitter spiel everyone moved to Instagram. No words, just images, makes me want to cancel all my social media accounts and disappoint my 12 followers. Mom, I’ll just call you with updates in the morning. 

Aside: When I mentioned this dilemma to Larry he said, “I’m only good for 30 seconds. I got distracted, what was the question?” Perfect.

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