For the first time in weeks I am alone in the house, on my ever so quiet street, in Campbell. This doesn’t happen very often and I realize I’m smiling. It’s so peaceful. Dante is working, Tony moved to fricken Australia, Larry is biking with friends, Julie moved seven minutes away just to be ornery, Kelley […]


Just when I least expect it, life kicks the shit out of me, and I’m left kneeling beside my bed, bruised and battered. I raise my fist to the heavens, scolding the dead, you can not have her just yet. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move […]

Let’s not horse around, ask the person next to you to share an important cyclical narrative, and you’ll soon discover we all have one. It might be a modern-day phenomenon but it was conceived in the 19th century. “Learning from the people who have come before [us] is the only way any of us advance,” Seth […]


My husband is a solutionist by nature, but he’s shy, and doesn’t like to talk about it. If you are not familiar with the skill, please read on, because it could come up at a cocktail party, and you’ll thank me later. This all came barreling to the surface when we were recovering at the […]


A blog is like a snapchat in time, it appears, and within a short cycle is forgotten. It mimics the rhythm of our emotional life, the food one consumes, and the headlines. Unless Larry has said or done something memorable, I have no idea what I will be blogging about, until I open the page, and start writing. […]