I’m so mesmerized by the view of the lake, I can’t seem to focus on what I’m doing, and believe me this has dire consequences. Yesterday I spent two hours working on a new blog, I’m sure it was epic, apparently I saved it incorrectly, and it disappeared like dark chocolate and red wine. Total fail. […]


I had such a good hair day the other day I forgot all about my wrinkles. I know, amazing huh? The truth will set you free so I should mention I was camping, it was more than ten years ago, and there were no mirrors in the vicinity. I know the hair was good because someone […]

The leaves fall, detached from nurturing branches, withered, crimson, fallen from grace. This is not only reminiscent of a my personal battles, but also of society in general, a barren landscape, carpeted with the immoral, in desperate need of transformation. That seems a bit bleak because in reality I absolutely love the fall, especially for the relevancy of dormancy and […]

Each and every year more and more of my students claim to be atheists. An atheist is a person who lacks belief in the existence of God. When I try and understand this trend I am forced to take an honest look at myself. Secretly, I desire for my ‘lost’ students to find God in the bosom of […]


It was more than forty years ago, when I met this tall gangly fourteen year old, it was my first day of high school, and I’m wearing jeans. Keep in mind this was only a few years after girls were allowed to wear pants in public schools, I was feeling radical, and pretty damn cool. I walked […]