1. My fault line keeps shifting and it throws people off balance like an earthquake.  2. Am I the sum total of all the good I have done or all the damage? I pray it is the former. 3. My mantra has always been build a good base.  4. Happiness is not the culprit, it is a symptom of […]

Find us it did! Good news for the entire clan, you may have heard our collective sigh of relief, when we found out our mom does not have an incurable disease, but conversely is on the mend. There were ghoulish rumors, moments of despair, and lots of internal prodding, but all evidence seems to point […]

I have a daily alarm that sounds at nine in the morning and nine at night to remind me of my mama’s pill schedule. It rings from a floral encased iPhone resting on my nightstand. My mom’s iPhone is set with the exact same alarm schedule and matching ring tone. Adorbs. I usually text her a […]


#LinkYourLife Round Up Challenge 11/11/2016  November 11th, 2016 Cheryl Oreglia, Lifestyle Blogger – Living in the Gap Welcome to this week’s #LinkYourLife RoundUp Challenge. Here’s last week’s roundup to find out more info about this challenge and also to read the awesome work from other writers that was shared. I am excited yet worried to be selected for […]

Holding up opposing views and finding common ground is what I do for for a living. I teach World Religions to a diverse population of students at a private high school. We use a comparative approach to study the major religions, looking at each tradition from seven distinct but overlapping dimensions, an approach pioneered by […]

I’m not sure but I think it was a microorganism that altered the course of my week. Thank God for things unseen that create such disorder in a small body that a grandma is required for full restoration. I’m talking about the flu bug and let me just say I am secretly thrilled. I had […]