#LinkYourLife Round Up Challenge 11/11/16 – Living in the Gap

#LinkYourLife Round Up Challenge 11/11/2016

Welcome to this week’s #LinkYourLife RoundUp Challenge. Here’s last week’s roundup to find out more info about this challenge and also to read the awesome work from other writers that was shared. I am excited yet worried to be selected for this week’s roundup. Technology is a challenge for me, although I am honored to share the great work from others, I just hoping all the links Work.  If you would like to know more about the #LinkYourLife movement to connect and share through several online connections, see Shawna Ayoub Ainslie’s post on how “We Are Better Together.
The following are blog posts, essays and articles shared by writers from the #LinkYourLife Community.

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie @shawnamawna
Another beautiful and appropriate piece by Shawna, especially in light of all the conflict in our world today. I could actually hear my own breath as I read her words over and over again. A calm could be felt, like she was reaching out, and comforting me. She writes:
Your heart got stronger because it had to beat through the scars. Wound after wound and you hardened it to keep it safe but the heart naturally wants to be soft, so it threw off the lies you said were protection spells, crashing against those walls until they tumbled. You went down with them. It didn’t feel like it, but you were free.” Breathe
Thomas Ives @BestowingFire
Thomas writes a beautiful and encouraging piece on overcoming adversity and how we become stronger when we do. He slips in ways to document your progress, consider how far you’ve come, and congratulate yourself when you move beyond. He writes:
“Now that you have the determination and support to start the changes, take a picture. Yes you read that right. This can be an actual picture, a mental picture, a list of things that are wrong in your life, or how ever you want to do it. It has to be some form of documentation of how your life is NOW. The reason for this is to use it for a benchmark and also motivation.” Why Should I Embrace the chains of the Adversity?
Linda Hobden @LindaHobden
Linda shares a riveting interview with Bucks Dhillon Woolley who appears in a UK countrywide advert for frozen food! Bucks was hoping to snag a part in the West End stage show, Bend It Like Beckham. You’ll have to read the full interview to find out if her dream came true and her latest fashion trends. She quotes Woolley: 
“You know I’ve yet to meet someone who has had a lasting impression on me as I’m really not that in awe of anyone as such. It’s more about how a person makes me feel by what they say after they’ve gone. If I’m still pondering what they’ve said more than 24hrs later then I know they’ve left their mark.” Revisiting Bucks Dhilon Wooley
Charli Mills @Charli_Mills
Charlie is a kind and generous soul who runs the site Carrot Ranch. Every week she hosts a Flash Fiction Challenge that allows others to share their wonderful imagination. If you enjoy reading fiction, I encourage you to take a moment to check it out. She writes:
“Flying monkeys figure in science, fantasy and bar room predictions. History has much to reveal about or on behalf of flying monkeys. When monkeys fly, a story unfolds.” When Monkeys Fly 
Drew Sheldon @drewsephear
A powerful post from Drew on the exhaustion and fear that often accompanies one when speaking their truth. He is done being silenced, it’s time for all of us to find our voices, and I encourage all writers to read Drew’s inspirational piece. He writes: 
“The thing I notice about these trolls is that what they really want is to silence the truth. So many survivors I know remain silent to protect themselves. So often in my life I have remained silent in order to keep peace or protect others. As my first blogversary approaches, I’m making a commitment not to be silent.” Silence is Golden But Not For Me

Rachel Ann Hanson @rahanson10

Rachel shares an interesting and timely reflection on the relationship between politics and religion. She has a unique and poignent perspective on this topic. I would encourage everyone to read her work, allowing her insights to enlighten, and inspire. She writes:
“I’ve always taken this fascination and repulsion of religion with a grain of salt. Of course, we would be interested. For many of us, our faith and religion define who we are on the most intimate levels and we want to know who is leading us.” For the Strength of the Hills
Jeanine Lebsack @JLebsack

Jeanine writes honestly and passionately about parenting children with SPD. She opens a window into a day in the life of her family, offering practical advice for helping her children monitor internal emotions, with something as simple as color. A insightful piece that ushers us into the fragile world of SPD. She writes:

“Those are the days I put up my hood and read a good book with a cup of herb tea or escape to my bed with my soft, fuzzy blanket and put on my headphones and listen to my meditation music. I need comfort in those moments when my ears feel like they’re bleeding from listening to my children squabbling over the iPad while three different TV’s are playing in the background.” Sensory Processing Disorder and me-friend or foes

Elaine Mansfield @ElaineMansfiel7

If you’re feeling lost and alone in the darkness you need to read Elaine’s piece on welcoming such places into our lives. She weaves a beautiful story around the changing light gently moving us into new patterns of awareness and fresh wonder. A joy to read. She write:
“A long quiet evening lies ahead. Time to ponder. Time for silence. Time to light candles. Time to remember and rest. Time to pray and give thanks. Time to write and read. Time to sleep and time to dream. Time to find the jewels within the Dark.” Welcoming the Dark Time

Trisha Barker @TrishaTeacher

Trisha makes space for the conversation to open up around the safety of our most vulnerable populations. She forces us to acknowledge the disturbing statistics and consider what we can do to make the world a safer place for everyone. An important discussion and a sensitive piece. She writes:

“We are all in need of each other’s support.  Once we see the true struggle of others, our hearts break open with the beauty found inside of others. We are love at our very core and essence. Let us remember this.  I hope that love is what wins beyond the realm of this political contest.  Love for the safety and well-being of everyone.” In Contests, Who Wins?

Ruchira Khanna @abracabadra01

Ruchira writes an important piece on the changes we are encountering with technology and democracy, both impacting our world profoundly. If you want a wise and honest reflection on change please take a moment to read Becoming Stagnant or Continuing to Flourish. She Writes:

“It was the world where priorities were the passion. Fun was unadulterated. Laughter was authentic. Family time was genuine. Relationships were respected since people had the time to appreciate things around!” Becoming Stagnant or Continuing to Flourish…
It was an honor and privilege to share the work of talented writers from our community. We are all on this journey together and believe me when I say it is a joy to travel with #LinkYourLifers. Thank you for your inspirational work, honesty, and passion around the issues that profoundly affect our lives and our world. 


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