19 Thoughts to Consider or Not

1. My fault line keeps shifting and it throws people off balance like an earthquake. 

2. Am I the sum total of all the good I have done or all the damage? I pray it is the former.

3. My mantra has always been build a good base. 

4. Happiness is not the culprit, it is a symptom of a much deeper infection, like a runny nose. 

5. I create or avoid life by the way I deal with arbitrariness and I just realized this determines everything? Shit. Rewind.

6. I only know five recipes, just enough to get me through the week, and like Groundhog Day, I repeat. 

7. I am still developing. Be nice.

8. Am I blind to aspects of myself that are recognizable only to you? I thought so.

9. To quiet my thoughts in order for yours to enter is a act of compassion or maybe an act of hope. 

10. What is courage? Faith in a God who took on human form because I needed proof. 

11. Seeking the best in each other might be our only hope.

12. An eye filled with love and compassion is a beloved sight. 

13. You can not take back an expression of hate, judgement, or denigration. These remain on the hard drive of life. Undeletable. 

14. Is it possible that our purpose is so much more important than we realize? 

15. To ask someone to tell you their story is a gift of immeasurable worth.

16. I confess to binge watching Gilmore Girls. There will be repercussions.

17. What I avoid is so telling. 

18. Sometimes I have to hold onto my thoughts with both hands or they escape. I might need therapy.

19. I’ve patched up my memories with ribbons and bows because they don’t present well unadorned. 

Leave a few thoughts in the comments? 


The Fall

True Grit


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