I follow the same, excruciatingly predictable pattern, almost daily, traveling from home to work, to home, to mom’s, to home, like a migrating bird, I wonder when my wings will fail? “When you are on a merry-go-round you miss a lot of scenery,” says Neil Diamond. Although I take the same damn roads, I remain neutral, aloof to my surroundings. Sometimes […]

There is something sensual about a winter morning. Don’t you think? How the blanket of fog embraces the voluptuous slope of the mountain, the texture of the light slowly spreading across the shadowed sky, and the promise of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the air. I question my relevance in the presence of such raw beauty. A […]

I think it is bazar the way things work out, whether you believe in the randomness of life, or perhaps divine intervention. It seems to me that life is more interesting when you pay attention. At Notre Dame this morning my blocks fell side by side, as they do every three weeks, with no papers to grade, […]