I’ve been wearing the apron in my house for thirty-three years, and as you know, an apron is just a cape on backwards. The kitchen is where I danced to Toby Keith, sipped cheap chardonnay, and fantasied about turning a pig’s butt into a Julia Child’s worthy meal. In the early years, cooking was more of […]


Cora Lynn and Sienna Jessica joined our clan on April 10th, identical twins, impossible to tell apart, impossible to express our unbearable joy. They have infused humanity with renewed purpose and deep gladness. When I hold them I feel humbled, needed, and oh so vulnerable.Proud parents Julie and Nic are now juggling three! Uncle Tony sent a […]


As each student enters D107 I hand them a stone. Actually a big rock, that I stole from the neighbor’s yard, and my son Dante graciously washed (or shall we say baptized?). This is their burden to carry, at least during my class, but I refuse to explain. I’m teaching reconciliation today to thirty upper-class […]