[Update: I received an email today right smack in the middle of my block 3 class, my hands literally shook as I opened my account, ironically the topic of my class was the internal critic. I froze but decided to use it as a learning opportunity. I explained to my students how scared I was to apply […]


This did not go as planned. I’ve been saying that a lot lately because it applies to just about everything in my life. It goes something like this, I think I’ll try a new recipe, write a quick blog, call my mom, organize my wardrobe. Then I spend all my time running down ingredients that can […]

Judy Chicago – The Dinner Party I have been harpooned by the spears of the matriarchs, pierced, captivated, and boldly detained. My clan is predominately female which can be traced back several generations, girls, girls, girls seem to be what our wombs prefer. My husband calls it the Johnson curse, but I think it comes from […]


I’m in a mood, my sense of humor is locked up, possibly suppressed, and as far as I know there is no such thing as a ludicrous laxative. “Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this, my mama said.”It’s a normal day at the lake, birds, sun, soft breeze kind of […]