Bread. A human staple, made of flour and water, usually prepared by baking. It is one of the oldest prepared foods known to man (I use that word inclusively), evidence of bakeries go back some 30,000 years. Imagine. Bread not only plays an essential role in religious rituals (bread and wine) but I would go as […]

The first bell rings, I grab my computer bag as if a life preserver, and wade through the human current of students to get to my second floor classroom. This feels like an enormous accomplishment, I mentally note my underarms are wet, and my mouth is dry. First day jitters. This too shall pass. Teaching […]


I am hauling furniture like a seasoned worker from the local moving company but without pay. I’m what you call cheap labor. Looking down at my ripped arms straining to lug an ancient marble table from condo to car I mentally gage how many steps I have to go before accomplishing this goal. Did I […]


It came in the mail today, the large white envelope, the one with the Notre Dame Crest attached to the return address. I refer to it as the package, it’s not that I’ve been dreading it all summer, but it does send me down the hypothetical wormhole, catapulting me from one reality to another. This […]