13 minutes ago More Impermanence is the first word that comes to mind when I land on the Island of Hawaii (the Big island). The landscape is so volatile it reminds me of our current political situation. All of the Hawaiian islands have a wet and dry side, but the dry side of the Big […]

Have you ever been in a relay race? The handoff is tricky, timing is essential, and maintaining a like pace with your partner at the crucial moment is imperative. The expectation, reaching back, palm open for the all important grasp, reminds me of marriage. Not that marriage is a race, but the space between altar […]


Just opened my eyes, it’s predawn, I’m listening to the birds wake, enjoying a warm fire, giddy over my first cup of coffee (yes I fed the dog or no one would be lingering with this delicious quiet). Sharon Salzberg says, “bring your attention to a new level by dramatically slowing down what you’re doing.” […]


I wake up in the middle of the night with my toes in a cramp and a shooting pain in my left hand. Feeling my age much? In an effort to walk off the cramp, I head to the kitchen for a glass of water, you’ll be relieved to know my toes realigned beautifully, but […]