It’s true, I talk too much. I’s a burden but one I have chosen to bear. My teachers always noted this on my report cards, “Cheryl likes to talk,” along with notes on my poor spelling, and uncommon citizenship. I was nice but I would make a terrible secretary. Thank God my parents choose not […]


What is the secret of Advent? I’m so glad you asked. I’ve been toying with the concept for weeks. I’ve come to realize that having something to look forward to is kindle for the human soul. It’s part of the appeal of Christmas, waiting and hoping for the most basic of gifts, that sense of […]


I’m at a loss for words this month but I suppose that’s to be expected. Christmas is like moving but twice in one month. It involves enormous boxes, pulling things down from the rafters, unpacking, wrestling with memories, and lots of heavy lifting. In four weeks I’ll be doing the reverse but with five extra […]


Photo by Melissa Masinter of M&M Photography I lay here in the dark considering a weird dream that left me confused and disoriented. I was on stage but lost my voice and someone vaguely familiar threw a tomato at me. Was that really necessary? Regardless, I can’t go back to sleep, I have a raging […]