I was five when I overdosed on baby aspirin. It may have come about through imaginative play, irresponsible parenting, and a deeply unacknowledged need to heal ourselves, but nevertheless ipecac was required. I’m mortified to admit this regretable narrative will repeat itself in the span of few decades.And quite possibly again, and again, “this is […]


It happened almost twenty years ago, so I can certainly claim ignorance, but it may have well been a stroke of genius. One never knows? Robin Williams said, “you’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Believe me when I say I’m hanging on with both hands. I purchased a weathered black trunk from […]


When I was five years old my Dad built me my first house. It was a six bedroom, two-story structure, with a shingled roof, and enclosed attic. No garage or fenced yard, but I didn’t care, when I entered that house I was in my own universe.It was a beautiful three 3′ by 2′ dollhouse, […]


She’s been called many things but I like to think of her as a guardian – hand carved, slightly weathered, adorned with an ostentatious brass handle. Irregardless if I consider her a barrier, or a door, she’s imposing as hell.  What awaits me in 2018 is still a mystery, but all I want to do […]