Fade in:Interior – Local health club – Day A woman tentatively enters a large spacious studio, scouting it out, worried expression clouding her seasoned face. The hardwood floors shine as if recently polished. Mirrors line the back wall from ceiling to floor, stationary bikes tightly stacked to the left and right of the room, piles […]


I believed in many things when I was young, like you should never eat an apple seed, because obviously a tree would grow in your stomach, or blowing dandelions into the breeze would render your dreams a reality.Thank God some of those wishes landed on rocky ground or I would be married to Donny Osmond, with […]


If you’re into labeling, which I’m not, according to a recent Enneagram test I’m a peacemaker. It’s true. The Enneagram is an ancient method for identifying personality types but also explores the spirituality of each genre which as you know intrigues me. Basically there are nine personality types anchored around the Enneagram and I’m a […]