It’s late April, I feel the pull of many things in need of my attention, but I’m lethargic. Or maybe I want to be lethargic? Most likely I’m recovering from pneumonia and have become accustomed to lounging in bed. This is a perplexing predicament ~ comfortable, safe, isolated ~ distancing me from not only my […]


Excessive LoveNot that I’m a namby-pamby, but I’ve been fighting a stubborn respiratory infection for four weeks (you read that right), and I’m not well suited to illness. Thank God I lack the ability to suffer in silence or I’d have nothing to write about. Today I’m going to use what ever energy I have left […]


I want to know why I have the urge to go scampering for change at the sound of a popsicle truck. Don’t you? Even when I’m not hungry, as if pavlov’s dog, I’ve been conditioned to respond to specific types of stimuli. Maybe it’s time I open myself to a wider variety of responses, expand my […]