He aggressively scolded us for not folding the paper perfectly down the center, or maybe the rubber-band was a quarter inch off center, but regardless we were to make it right immediately. We were maybe eight or nine years old at the time and desperately trying to prove our worth. Our thin busy fingers never […]

Let’s face it, I’m not good at weathering storms, dealing with attacks on multiple fronts, or saying “no,” especially when it comes to just about anyone. Which means I end up being no good to anyone especially myself. I think it’s time to rethink my exit strategies. How about you? Can you muster up a hardy “no” […]


Finding a place to rest has been a struggle lately, oddly enough this search is both physical, and mental. I realize it would be excessively boring for everything in my life to remain the same, I mean exactly the same, including the ages of my children, status of not only my health but the health of […]

“Slow down and watch where you’re going,” this was the advice I heard most often while growing up. I tended to move fast, prone to compulsive behavior, and my focus was scattered at best. Sadly, things have not changed much. Repeatedly being told to avoid your natural inclinations is disconcerting. Thank God I wasn’t a […]