He just whispered in my ear, “this is not a puppy love” Life passes so quickly, most of the time it’s a complete blur, but there are moments that stand out, crystalized, immortalized in the corridors of my mind. One of those moments happened in 1972… I was maybe twelve or thirteen, in the throws […]

The body tells a fantastic story, does she not? I believe in body language, not only the way she blatantly betrays my deepest emotions, but the messages (sometimes loud, sometimes soft) she offers on my comportment in life. “Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, […]


The beauty of France is difficult to capture with mere words, as is the beauty of a thirty-five year marriage, and enduring friendships, but I shall venture in and give it a go. This is our third anniversary trip to Europe in the span of fifteen years with the same hexad of friends and we […]