“Love and death and sex and survival are important to most of us,” claims Anne Lamott but I like to stress the importance of thriving over merely surviving. And I believe the chrysalis of a full life is the heart, surrounded by flesh and blood, ready to open when the time is right, and we are […]


It’s possible I could be psychic but spent half my life (okay three quarters) grossly misinformed. How did this happen? I know what you’re thinking (hello, I’m psychic), and although you’re wide of the mark, I’m about to set you straight.  Psychic’s have the ability to reasonably predict the future based on various clues, speculation, […]


I knew this chrysalis stage was going to be rough but I have to admit the unrelenting joy was a total surprise. “The caterpillar chooses the food the butterfly will need, chooses the exact space to later spread its wings, without the space, the wings would never fly,” writes Marion Woodman. She goes on to say […]


The fire is raging behind Lakeport, 5:00 pm, taken from our boat, showered in ash. They say good writing is about telling the truth, sometimes I feel it’s more like stretching the truth, not that verity needs more space, but like perfume, a little goes a long way. “Trade what you’ve been taught for what’s […]