Sitting in the living room, feet tucked under my butt, warm cup of coffee moving from lip to lap, I said to my second cousin Gail, “Sometimes I feel guilty about my life.” Read without context you might conclude I had done something unlawful? Which might be true, but in this circumstance I was referring […]


Me and baby Audrey The nights I’ve slept beside a fussy baby must number in the hundreds or thousands. Sadly, I’m the type of person who needs eight hours of sleep a night, or I’m toast (aka angry, deranged, bitch). If Mom were alive she would wholeheartedly attest to the affects of sleep deprivation on […]


I came home from work yesterday, frustrated, tired, spent and before I even said hello to the dog or my husband I said, “honey I have to go to the bathroom, pop one, I’ll be needing a large pour, and by the way we’re going out to dinner tonight.” While reclining in the restroom I […]


It has been a long ass day. I’m sitting at the kitchen table fighting the urge to throw my computer across the room. Expectation is the mother of all frustration says Antonio Bandares. Technology can be such a nemesis. I agree with Dave Barry, “user” is the word used by the computer professional when they […]