I find it interesting and maybe even a little disturbing that my most profound lessons come from embarrassing misdeeds, painful injuries, and diatribes oozing with shame or humiliation or both. Right? As they say to live is to suffer. Or is it the other way around? “I’m so good on hurt,” says Anne Lamott in […]


“Larry!” Nothing. “LARRY!” Nothing. “LAWRENCE JOSEPH OREGLIA!” “What?” “Come here quick!” “Why?” “OH MY GOD, GET IN HERE!” He comes sauntering through the back door as slow as molasses. Really? “Look at this,” I’m pointing to a pile of clothing on the floor of the closet where a HUGE black spider has positioned himself.  “What?” […]


Trigger warning, this post involves relationship issues, if this is your hot button, skip to the bottom, and just read the anecdotes. Next week I’m writing about why no one wants to fold the laundry, it’s not much safer, you decide.After much deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion my needs are not being taken seriously, […]