When I was growing up I was taught to be polite, quiet, well groomed, trim, and above all obedient. You can only imagine the areas of conflict I had with these culturally defined “feminine” qualities, especially since I was a known tomboy, with a well developed […]


Every day is a gift, especially as we age up, and realize the time we have left in this glorious world, is far less than the time we have already spent here. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer (is that actually someone’s name) but it’s true. I bought a new calendar as an act […]


Has your light ever faded? You know what I mean? The wind of contention, even the slightest breeze, comes along, and extinguishes your sense of well being. There you are, fumbling around in the dark, bruising your shin on the coffee table, tripping over trivial things? Which leads to cussing and blaming of the poor soul […]


We had the amazing privilege of visiting Spain during the Thanksgiving holiday. It rose from the untimely observation that only one of our five chicks would be breaking bread with us for Thanksgiving. When Larry discovered his brother’s family was planning a trip to Madrid over the holiday we decided to tag along. I’m sure they […]