A missed call from your sister at 3:35 am is never a good thing. Sitting up in bed, cradling the phone with shaking hands, I hesitate. There is this knowing, deep inside, that once I make this call, our lives will never be the same. So I sit there, ashamed of my lack of courage, knowing […]


Her number lights up the face of my phone as I slide my finger across the glass to answer the call. “Mom, I think Audrey has an ear infection, I need to run her to the doctor, can you watch the twins for an hour or so?” “Of, course, you can Venmo me later.” “Ha, […]


Waking up at the lake is a radically different experience from waking at my home in the Bay Area. Why you might ask? I think it has something to do with perception, a deep listening, the kind of listening that is so absorbing, it’s as if your life has become a living concerto. You know […]


Depending on the next few words, the implications are endless. This question not only forces one to look at a situation from all sides, but more importantly it demands a definition, or at least some parameters. Let’s be honest. There is more than one way to properly pluck a chicken, they all procure a naked […]