From the time Kelley was a young child, I’ve been praying for the person she will someday marry. It’s not as weird as it sounds. I didn’t know who it would be, or when they would meet, but I have been praying for the safety and protection of this kind person, with a strength of character, […]


I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly enjoy being strapped inside a 820,000 pound tin box, traveling at speeds of 200 mph, while precariously landing on an icy runway. It seems irresponsible. Who’s idea was this anyway? Oh yeah, my husband Larry, and I’m ever so grateful. Arriving in Boston during the winter […]


When you fall in love your brain looks like someone with brain damage. You lose frontal lobe capacity, the ability to make good judgements is impaired, your appetite decreases, you can’t sleep, and you become slightly obsessive compulsive, but without the anxiety. It’s temporary. The brain returns to normal in a rather short amount of time and […]


Listening aimlessly to the random tunes coming from the radio on a congested drive home from work, it’s already dark, but not yet five, and cold as hell I might add. They say the trees during the winter send their energy to the roots, their core. They seem to know instinctively what it takes to […]