When the ache of living notches up, it’s as if I’ve been through a vigorous workout, my ravaged brain courses with norepinephrine, which leaves me tender, and in need of a long luxurious bath, red wine, and a good sulk.You know what I mean?I don’t want to appear irrational, but endings are emotionally exhausting for me, I’m […]


Did you know if you open your eyes in a pitch-black room, the color you’ll see is called eigengrau. It’s the color of the deep dark ocean, without the monster lurking in the background, or a ripened eggplant, some refer to it as the absence of light. I look things up on my iPhone when […]

I tend to write about lighter issues, leaning away from those messy, trite, complicated aspects of life, and even when I tackle something heavy, I sprinkle it with humor as if Mary Poppins. Living in the Gap is not easy and I suppose no one would bother reading blogs if the topics were all doom […]


It’s never a good sign when things start falling before ten in the morning. The new umbrella fell over and broke the porch lamp, then Larry cut his finger on a broken water glass that fell off the table, and the plastic owl my mother gave us as a housewarming gift, fell off its perch, […]

Love perseveres. No map will take us where God wants to lead us. Bob Goff Nancy, “Which way do we go?”Cheryl, “North” (my response for all directionally related questions)Nancy, “The options are right or left.”Cheryl, “Right?”Nancy, “Okay.”Cheryl, “No, wait, it’s left.”Nancy, “Okay”Cheryl, “No, I don’t know, it’s right, go right.”Nancy, “Really, I almost hit the […]


Folding down the visor to avoid the evening glare, I fight my way out of the far right lane, and onto 280 traffic that is already backed up, aligning my car towards home. Taking the Southwest Expressway exit, I consider stopping at the new Zanatto’s Express Market, just to browse around (I’m sort of hungry). I […]