The truth is I got slapped in the face by my cell phone. I’ve only been slapped in the face three times in my entire life, all of them shocking, and in my opinion undeserved. This has to be symbolic of something greater than a freak accident? Certainly my head was ringing in the aftermath […]

The word valor has been playing hide and seek in the wilderness of my mind, it’s annoying, but what can you do? I looked it up, it has something to do with courage in the face of uncertainty or danger, and for unknown reasons it’s become an unwanted enticement dangling from the tangle of my […]


By cracking open a crusty eye, I am able to gage the light spilling into the curtainless room, and calculate the time as a smidgen past 6:00 am. I slip quietly out of bed on this crisp morning so as not to wake my husband. It’s strange, after fifty some years I simply forgot how […]