“Could you run down to my class and get the students settled while I grab a few things,” my coworker Katie asked this morning? Katie teaches an elective in philosophy, she’s a dynamic instructor, and the students love her. Since I’m free this block I jump at the opportunity, “I’m on it.” I take a […]


Living in the Gap by Cheryl Oreglia No wonder I often feel confused, especially when I’m lost in personality, this happens when I ignore my authentic way of being in the world, and slap on an old frayed mask, hoping no one will notice. As Akshay Vasu so eloquently states, “There was a closet somewhere […]


When friends stop showing up, it’s not because they are not good people, it’s because they don’t know how to sit with you in your pain says Glennon Doyle. Sitting silently.  Not judging. Not advising. Just presence. We call it unconditional love. As we age up in life we become acquainted with new arenas of […]