On a sauntering walk with friends along the Los Gatos Creek Trail one of my companions says, “I’m having a hard time adjusting to this stage of life.” “How so?” “I don’t think my husband and I fit together the same way we used to?” “Thank God, because I can no longer sleep in the […]


If you make a pot of soup (unlike a baseball field) people will not necessarily come, you have to invite folks to your table, especially if the invitation is a call to deeper truth and love. Yes, stay with me, I’m going there! The word hospitality derives from the Latin word hospes, meaning host, guest, […]


“What the hell happened to so and so,” I ask my sister during one of our early morning coffee chats. “I don’t know, haven’t heard from her in years,” she said. “Strange.” “Very.” Autumn makes me nostalgic, not in a celebratory way like New Year’s, but in a sow what you reap sort of way, […]


There are many ways in which we can improve each others lives and I realize I spend a lot of time thinking about this possibility, it’s why I write, and hopefully why you read Living in the Gap. As T.F. Hodge claims, dream on it, think on it, ink on it, speak on it…then proceed […]