The Thing is If You Need A Bra ~ Find One That Fits ~ Size Matters

Photo by Cheryl Oreglia

Is Santa Drunk

I accuse Larry with a little bit of attitude, “You woke me up at 3:00 am, I tossed around all night.”

“I remembered I had to transfer some money.”

“At 3:00 am?”

“Better late than never.”

“And then you said we were going to wake me up at 6:00 am and it’s only 5:00 am.”

“I’m excited.”

“Hello, it’s not Christmas.”

“It’s better.”

“It’s still dark.”

“Let’s get going.”

God As My Witness

Here’s the truth, never mind what he tells you, I’ve got the inside scoop.

Larry’s been hankering for a new truck for months, I mean as soon as we got the tandem bike, the only thing I see on his computer screen as I travel from kitchen to laundry room is trucks! Yes, I have a Cinderella complex, because I can be whatever I want to be.

The problem is when Larry wants something, Larry is going to get something, come hell or high water. If you pulled off his toenails one at a time, he would still say this isn’t true, this my friend, is self-deception at its finest.

Moving on…

As you know the value of used cars has skyrocketed recently most likely due to the chip shortage leaving new cars stalled on production lines across America. Larry has calculated the net worth of two of his old cars and with ADDITIONAL FUNDS, that’s key, he can get the truck of his dreams. 

Like I said, if you need a truck, for goodness sake, find one that fits, because size matters.

I want to find sleep, nothing excessive, just two hours straight.

It just so happens the truck Larry wants is in Reno, as in Reno Nevada, four hours away in the best of traffic, and might I mention the price of gas?

And he wants his sleep-deprived wife to drive because he has to work. There might not be enough coffee in the world but I’m going to find out. 

A Sanfu Of Epic Proportions

Rolling down Highway 80, I have to say when we hit the snow line it’s rather beautiful, and the honest truth, there is no prettier scenery than the Sierras covered in snow. I’m charmed but I have to go to the bathroom something fierce and that is distracting as hell. 

Halfway there we pull off the highway to fill up both the car, and my coffee mug, but the bathroom is out of order and there is no coffee. Are you kidding? I should have worn a diaper and brought a thermos. Larry’s in a mild state of panic, he doesn’t want to miss his appointment, have the damn truck of his dreams sold out from under him, and then we just drove 250 miles in the middle of the night for nothing.

For weeks Larry has been quibbling with some sales guy over the price of this particular truck, while simultaneously bartering over the price he wants for his trade-in. If you happened to miss last week’s blog (no shame ~ much) I mentioned his decision not to sell his old truck to a local service that offered him more than this dealership in RENO, NEVADA, of all places. 

Larry is a mystery of epic proportions, I’m sure he has his reasons, but they’re not reasonable. 

We arrive at the dealership right on time, 10:00 am sharp, and I make a beeline for the lady’s room. All I can say is the relief is real, except for the party in the next stall, she’s not dealing with number one if you get my drift. She must have eaten an entire cow last night? I exit quickly, holding my breath as I wash my hands.

In the meantime, a young man named Donovan (love that name) approaches Larry and asks if he can help. To give you a complete picture, Donovan is missing half of one arm, his coat is pushed up so the stump is visible, he’s maybe in his early thirties, dressed in slacks and a dark blue jacket, sporting a Yankees-Brooklyn New Era “dueling” baseball cap. Not sure that’s a good sign?

Larry says, “I have an appointment with Dave at 10:00 am to see a truck we’ve been discussing.”

Donovan says, “Dave’s not here (reminds me of that Cheech and Chong clip ~ hysterical).

“We have an appointment?” He’s holding up the appointment reminder on his phone as if that has any bearing on our current reality.

Donovan smiles, holds out his one hand in resignation, and says, “Well, Dave’s not here today, he must have thought Lance would be able to show you around, he’s Dave’s assistant, but unfortunately Lance is off today too. What truck did you want to see? I’d be happy to show you.”

Larry runs a hand across his brow, he says, “It is a white, four-door, F150, platinum.”

“I know the one, it’s not here either. Can I show you another one that is similar?”

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Holy shit.

Larry’s body language alone is enough to send half the sales guys scampering under their desks for cover. 

I’m just returning from the bathroom at this inopportune moment, and as bad as that latrine was, I wish I stayed.

“There are ingrained features behind people’s propensity for being unduly influenced or manipulated by their emotions…primal in origin, necessary for survival…” SoundEagle [link to post]

Larry laments loudly, coarsely, and precisely. As not to traumatize you, I’ll leave the exact verbiage to your imagination, and finally, he says, “Cheryl, get in the car, we’re going home.”

You Can’t Make This Shit Up

Poor Donovan, he’s sweating and it’s only 30 degrees out, he says, “if you give me a few minutes I’ll find that truck and bring it back, but in the meantime, you can look at a similar version and check out the features. Does that work for you?”

If you want to rile my husband all you have to do is show up late for an appointment. If you want to really piss him off, don’t show up at all. If you want trouble with a capital T, hide the object of his desire, and watch the axes of the world actually shift.

By the grace of God, Larry agrees, begrudgingly (meaning he is not his normal warm and fuzzy self). I’m giving him the look, which he totally ignores, and we follow Donny (as he likes to be called) across the lot to a like version. He leaves us with an open truck to explore the features while he tries to figure out where the hell the other truck is. 

I’m sure Donny is rueing his decision to come to work today.

Larry is incredulous, he’s talking to himself, muttering obscenities as if a drunken sailor. I’m sure my Mother is blushing from a safe distance.

I choose to purposely silence every one of my thoughts as they are far too scorching and clearly will not aid the situation. 

Long story short, our hero Donny somehow found the truck at the airport (five miles away), the GM had caught a flight out this morning and left the truck in the long-term parking lot. I can’t wait until that guy gets back in town and discovers his ride is missing. 

Donny and another sales guy drove around the parking lot pressing the fob until the truck sounded its horn. 

Donny pulls into the parking lot, all out of breath, holding up the keys, and says, “take her out for a drive, as long as you want, I just need a copy of your license.” I’m about to offer myself as collateral, but I can see Larry’s humor has soured, it’s as if I’m clairvoyant.

Larry takes this leisurely stroll around the truck, kicking the tires as he goes, when he finishes circling his prey, he takes the keys from Donny’s one hand, and says, “I’ll be back,” Arnold Swarnegar style. 

Drama much? Donny is praying the tank is full and we stay out all day.

This truck is huge, you have to use the stair that pops out when you open the door, and climb up as if trying to get to the top of a jungle gym. It must be a guy thing? If they wore high heels and dresses there would be a lift.

Larry drove around town gunning the engine, jumped on the freeway, discovered this truck has some kick to it and a nice set of speakers. He’s satisfied. This truck is a good fit, like I said at the onset, not that Larry’s a boob, or anything, it’s just a metaphor.

By the time we pull back into the car lot, Larry’s blood pressure has returned to normal, and he’s ready to negotiate. I’m ready for a Bloody Mary and a couple of Xanax. It’s everything he wants, and more (I’ll tell you about that later) and all we have to do is settle on a price.

I’d rather have a crown put in my back tooth but that’s just me. 

Did I Remember Deorderant

We find ourselves seated in the front showroom, the dealership is crowded with buyers, just about every desk has groups of nervous-looking clients and smiling sales guys all wearing the same jacket. People are rushing back and forth from their desks to the offices with important-looking papers. As if a beehive, it’s a swarm of activity and I believe we’re about to get stung.

Larry is the epitome of calm and calculating. I’m obsessed with their espresso machine, it’s free and the coffee is worthy. Currently, I’ve enjoyed two lattes, and a mocha, I’m a little shaky, but fully functional.

While Donny types our information into the computer, Larry says, “Are you typing with both your hand and stump?” I’m not kidding. Mortified, I choke on my coffee and pretend there is something dire on my phone that needs my attention.

Is it hot in here?

Now Donny is one smooth cat, I’m sure he’s used to these sorts of observations, he says, “I am, I’ve developed my own style, but it works.”

Larry says, “it sure does.”

While Donny continues to gather our information, asking about income, residence, and where we want to register the truck, Larry asks him how long he’s been selling cars. 

Donny says, “about three years, I’ve been doing really well, I’m in between chemo treatments for cancer right now, so I work when I feel good, and rest when I can’t. The dealership has been good to me.” 

OMG, he has one arm, and cancer!

Larry says, “Is that how you lost your arm? A Dravecky sort of thing?” I quickly look up Dravecky on my phone (linked it for you, you’re welcome), and now all I want to do is slither out of the showroom and run to the nearest bar.

Donny looks up at Larry, he says, “no, not that way.”

Larry says, “You know Dravecky? You might be too young.”

Suddenly, I’m sweating profusely.

“I know of him,” he holds up his stump, and says, “I was born this way, bad luck twice, but I beat the cancer, just finishing up the treatments.”

My hand is aching to slap my husband silly.

“Well, I wish you luck.”

“Thank you.”

Hell No

There are brief amounts of back and forth negotiations, I’m impressed with the efficiency, but when Donny comes back with the final offer, it’s not to Larry’s liking, and you can probably guess what comes next. 

Larry says, “No, this won’t work, sorry, but I can’t leave that much money on the table, Donny. I’ll take my car home, sell it myself, and check back on the truck next week. Come on Cheryl, let’s go.”

If you could just send me a postcard with this message in bold so I don’t forget. I’m never, ever coming with Larry to buy a car again, not even if it’s a convertible Jaguar, and he’s buying it for me!

I gather my things, smile at Donny, thank him for his help, shake his one hand, and catch up to Larry, who is already across the showroom, holding the door open for me.

It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

We saunter over to our car, I’m like, “What the hell is wrong with you? Asking him if he types with his stump? Walking away over less than a thousand dollars. I got up at 5:00 am, I didn’t shower, I’m hungry, tired, and…

He hisses at me through clenched teeth, “Be quiet, here he comes.”

I thought they would have said don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out buddy, I did, but they did forget about his appointment, and the truck was missing from the lot after we drove four hours. I think Donny feels sorry for Larry. Which is a first. 

I turn around and there’s Donny, smiling, calm, he says, “I can go up another thousand on the trade-in. Does that work for you.”

Larry acts like he has to think about it, and finally says, “Cheryl, what do you think?”

Flabbergasted he won’t say yes himself, as if I’ve ever had any authority over what he would and would not do. I’ve had half a mind to say absolutely not, let’s go home, it’s not good enough, and then watch Larry scramble to save the deal. Bahaha.

Instead, I glance over at Donny, looking ever so hopeful, and I say, “absolutely, it’s more than fair.” Did Larry raise his brow at me? 

Everyone’s happy, except me, I just want a hot shower, some food, and sleep. 

Hours later, after I’ve taken on the shape of the orange plastic chair I’ve been sitting in for what seems the better part of my life, our loan is approved, the papers are signed, our trade-in is emptied, the new truck is detailed, we’ve handed over a cashiers check, traded fobs, and the truck is ours.  

Rumi Scores Again

I make one last coffee for the road. 

Okay, the best news ever, the seats have a massage feature, I’m not kidding. All the way home my butt and back enjoy a relaxing massage, with the seat warmers on, and the sunroof open to the stars. Larry even stops at JimBoy’s Taco to feed his hungry wife.


Here’s Larry’s lesson from Rumi, welcome the unexpected, because that missing truck was the sweep we needed to clear the way for a better deal, and what is more delightful than an unexpected, four-hour massage. 

I’m Living in the Gap, with my Pick Up Man, join me in the comments. What have you picked up lately?


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  1. You are hilarious! Great post 🤣. I think that massage seats in a vehicle sound like a sleep hazard, but for the passenger- worth the 5am wake up call and trip over the Sierras. I didn’t know they made a such thing.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Mama, and here I thought there would be nothing to write about this week, well that all changed with a trip to the neighboring state! It was a long, mostly disastrous day, except for that massage thing! I didn’t know that feature was available either but I’m thrilled to have it! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond, I’m forever grateful, hugs, C

      Liked by 2 people

  2. A visible stump, and a cancer diagnosis? I would have walked away from that guy, run even.
    Pickup trucks are usually only for working guys and building contractors here. It rains a lot, and the rear section gets wet and rusts.
    But if Larry is happy, what do I know?
    (Actually, I do know that I would not drive for four hours to buy anything!)
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You know, it’s been a really slow week, and when Larry said he wanted to check out this truck in Reno, I thought he was crazy too, but I had nothing else to do, and I’m a damn good sport! But from the minute we arrived it went from bad to worse. Forgotten appointment, no truck, armless sales guy. I thought this can’t be happening to me. I have to say, Larry’s a great source of writing material, he never fails to confound me! But we have a new truck, they’re very popular out here, and he’s been out driving it for the better part of the day! That’s why I had time to write and read a few posts! Hugs, C

      Liked by 3 people

  3. I’m surrounded by pick up trucks in Arizona. I curse them every time I’m in the parking lot at the grocery store. They’re huge and I’m sure my car will be squashed like a bug. The giant trucks don’t stop or care if you’re backing out or trying to squeeze by them. But somehow I feel like we need one, too. Have fun with your new truck. Soon you’ll be driving your bike to Palm Springs.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Trucks are very popular in our area too, if you can’t beat them, I say join them. We need at least one car that can tow the boat and transport the tandem bike! We had to order an extension thing that attaches to the tailgate so the bike will fit. And yes we head out on Thursday for our event in Palm Springs. I’m getting excited! Hoping I’m in good enough shape to finish the race! More on that next week. Love and Hugs, C

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I’m thinking the same thing about a truck. I’m not sure what we’d haul around though. We are thinking about getting bikes for the trails by us. Have fun in Palm Springs! I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. This is hilarious 😂. We too bought a new truck this last year. Robert researched and looked for the perfect one. After having to order it, and waiting for 4 months, it never showed up (chip problems). He decided to choose one that was almost everything he wanted. I was lucky enough to not have to be around for any of the negotiations. But the new trucks are very nice and have some great new technology. After spending an additional thousands of dollars for other accessories, bed liner, automatic foot steps, etc, it is a great truck. Enjoy!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you Georgia, this comment landed in my spam folder, and I just found it! Larry ordered a new truck too and it never came! This chip shortage is really changing the way the new car market functions! Sounds like Larry and Robert had a similar experience in finding the “truck of their dreams.” So glad it worked out for both of them because they are fabulous trucks. Thank you for reading Georgia and taking the time to join me in the comments, I’m enormously grateful, hugs, C

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, C!! I live in a pick-up truck area. Men around would drool over Larry’s truck. This is hysterical. The drive, the salesman, the missing salesman, the arm, the deal, your sweat, the good coffee, and your spot-on comedic timing! It all fits! Sending love and hugs…thanks for the laughter my friend! Congratulations on the new ride!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Hi K, thank you, thrilled to have given you the giggles, my primary intention was to spread a little humor and remind myself never to car shop with Larry again! EVER! Mission accomplished! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond, means the world to me, love and hugs, C

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re so welcome, C. I wish you could hear my laugh. My twin tells me she LIVES to make me giggle. She’s read you and I’m going to keep sending them to her. I love how you spread the laughter, but you always have nuggets of wisdom from a life lived well and full! Love it! 🤍💛🤗

        Liked by 3 people

        1. You have a twin! How awesome is that and she likes to make you happy! Sisters are the best! My sister is a couple years older then me and I consider her one of life’s greatest blessings. I’d be lost without her. Thanks for sharing the blog with your sister, I hope she enjoys the essays. Forever grateful, C

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you, the truth is I felt as if I was in a Seinfeld or Friends episode! It was absolutely one hell of a crazy day, but it ended with a truck, and that massage feature was icing on the cake! So glad you enjoyed this one, love and hugs, C

      Liked by 2 people

  6. A fun read all along, witty and well constructed. I want the massage feature but I don’t want the truck, ha ha, although truth be told it would be handy sometimes. You have wonderful way of writing and storytelling combined. I liked the Rumi lesson and the video as well which I will share with a friend. Happy to hear you saved your floating bladder and all is well that ends well. Next week you can go shopping for a camper that fits ! – David

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you David, your encouragement, kind words, and feedback mean more to me then you’ll ever know! And can I just say that massage feature is legit! I think Rumi can be applied to just about any situation, this one worked exceptionally well! Time to go shopping for campers! In gratitude and friendship, xxoo, C

      Liked by 2 people

  7. As I finish editing this I’m smiling. I just can’t help it. I hope you appreciate it neighbor.

    Ahhh, car dealership stories. . .
    There’s always an element of chaos, unmatched expectation, and drama. Oh, and after it’s all over? Often upon reflection, some moments of hilarious content emerge.

    Your retelling of your dealership experience was particularly engaging from start to finish Cheryl. Thank you. The best moment for me? “Larry says, “Are you typing with both your hand and stump?” I’m not kidding. Mortified, I choke on my coffee and pretend there is something dire on my phone that needs my attention. Is it hot in here?”
    That part slayed me 😉

    I have to ask: along with an undisclosed amount of ADDITIONAL FUNDS, what two out of the three ‘Larry’ vehicles were sacrificed in the making of this post?

    In closing? (it’s a long closing 😉 A 5 AM hard launch with no outbound “stop to squat”? Then, after the deal’s done, an immediate 4-hour hot return straight home? No way. That can’t be how this story ends. . .

    CUT! INSERT Exterior Scene 13xs. Exterior: Idyllic Alpine restaurant, spectacular views of N.Lake Tahoe.
    Interior Scene 14xs: ‘Larry’ guides his beloved to a widow table. Moments later a champagne bucket with a perfectly chilled bottle of the ‘Widow’ arrives tableside. The waiter fills two flutes.

    Dialogue: ‘Larry’ gushes “Here’s to being married to the best woman on the planet!” They both laugh. As they clink again, Cheryl says “You know it buster!” Turning to the waiter Cheryl says “I’ll have the Maine Lobster crepes, and the 1/2 grilled Madagascar Artichoke thank you”. Camera pans to the shimmering lake with a view of Heavenly Valley Ski resort in the distance. Fade to black.

    I know it had to end this way. I know this because as worldly and astute a man as Larry is, he could not have possibly passed on the opportunity to indulge you in a spectacular “thank you honey” Lunch at Jakes.

    Now, if by chance the Universe somehow slipped off its axis and this DIDN’T happen??? An unbiased viewpoint is he owes you, big-time neighbor 😉 and the universe in its own way is all about balance. As such, hopefully he reads this and he catches his oversight and makes it up to you. At the least, if a couple of awesome new pairs of shoes showed up in your closet? Well. . . . xxoo

    Pax Christi,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Chris! This is one of those stories that wrote itself, I mean seriously, you wouldn’t believe the stuff I left out! We came away with a big old truck, I didn’t have to come up with bail money, I call that a win, win! Larry is truly an inexhaustible resource when it comes to writing material because, as many of those who identify as male, he’s tackles life in the most peculiar manner. Larry being Larry is a story in itself. It’s baffling to me the amount of conflict he attracts, I avoidance queen, and by the way, the last thing I would do is ask someone if they are typing with their stump! Lord have mercy. I think you’re spot on, “he own me big-time,” and we’ll just see how that manifests! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations, always appreciated, hugs, C

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  8. This is hilarious, Cheryl. (Weird coincidence, story too long to tell and probably not as funny, but my husband and I drove up to Reno on wintry roads last month to pick up a generator. I feel a special bond with you now.)

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    1. You know, when I first wrote this piece, originally it said, “And Fraggle, let me just say my hand is aching to slap him silly.” But I didn’t want to offend, so I took your name out, I’m feeling as if this is consent for future references! I do appreciate your alliance on this Fraggle! Hugs, C

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha we have an accord! I must confess there have been times when I could happily punch Phil’s lights out, but over time I’ve developed a combination eye roll/eyebrow lifts that suffices in place of violence and possible penal incarceration, so I’m living vicariously through your struggles. 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Practice a sardonic look while you lift the left brow and lower the right. Then practice a lazy insouciant eye roll. Then practice seamlessly joining them, brow lift first, then lift the right brow and transform into the roll. A mirror is your friend!

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  9. Well Cheryl, you are right, you can’t make this up! This is hysterical and I relate way too much to this adventure! My husband also loves to haggle over cars and he loves his current truck, which BTW has heated seats but no massage. I won’t mention that feature or he’s likely to go out and upgrade! LOL Here’s to the men that make our lives interesting and sometimes embarrassing but heated seats with massage definitely makes it all okay! Best Wishes! Leigh

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Leigh, clearly we’re living parallel lives here, men who like to haggle over cars, and enjoy the latest gadgetry! I have to say that massage thing is quite nice, especially after a stressful day! And as you say, they certainly make life interesting, challenging, and at times, mortifying! Hugs, C

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  10. I love the way you told this story Cheryl, it certainly rings home for me. Our son did the walking away thing when he went to help me buy my last car, being the family “car expert” because he worked as a salesman when he was in college. I was mad! I thought what the dealership offered was a good price, but my son said no and we headed out to lunch. “Just wait Mom,” he said. We didn’t even have our drinks when the salesman called and his real final offer was acceptable. Maybe this is part of the dance we never dreamed was necessary.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Dorothy, thank you, I have to admit, the story sort of wrote itself! The next morning I woke up and started writing, I didn’t stop until I had captured the adventure as fully as possible, then I hit the publish button! I think it resonates with people because we all have a car story, and yours seems almost identical to mine, and you are so right, it’s a dance I am unfamiliar with and the music is not to my liking. I suppose you always have to be ready to walk away? Attachment is the death of a stellar car deal. Thanks for sharing your story, much appreciated, hugs, C

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  11. Dear Cheryl,

    Thank you for bringing my attention to your hilarious post and for quoting me as follows:

    “There are ingrained features behind people’s propensity for being unduly influenced or manipulated by their emotions…primal in origin, necessary for survival…” SoundEagle

    You might want to consider including a weblink to my post entitled “We have Paleolithic Emotions; Medieval Institutions; and God-like Technology” from which you have sourced the quoted passage, in case some of your readers were to be interested in knowing where it comes from.

    As for your witty title or catchphrase “The Thing is If You Need A Bra ~ Find One That Fits ~ Size Matters“, after reading your post and all of the comments, I am left wondering about the validity and also entertaining the plausibility of something similar but much more consequential:

    The Thing is If You Need A Man ~ Find One That Fits ~ But Size May Matters Less Than Mind

    Perhaps your next blog post can indeed be based on this classic case of Brawn versus Brain.

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. Dear Sound Eagle, Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. After reading your essays I realized you had some applicable quotes but I didn’t know how to alert you that I had used one. I just added the link to your essay in my post in case, as you say, some readers might be interested. And yes, the title, there’s a fine line between appealing and bewildering, I believe I crossed it! I’ll do better next time. Thanks again for joining me in the comments, much appreciated, best wishes, C

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      1. Dear Cheryl,

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      2. Dear Cheryl,

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        2. Dear Cheryl,

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  12. FYI, I was looking at airbnbs in Palm Springs. I was wondering if the new owners of our house turned it into one because they have an airbnb down the street. I discovered our next door neighbors listed their house for more than $2k a night!

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  13. Ding, Ding, Ding!
    We have a winner!
    This is awesome!!! Hopefully it is not too late to add to your publication.
    To begin with, I am very glad that Larry went with a truck. He is totally a truck guy. I love that it is white colored, and love it even more that it is just like mine.
    I totally enjoyed reading the whole saga of the purchase. I also did tons of research for my truck, haggled back and forth and then drove 4 hours for the purchase. It is what you do when you want “that truck.”.
    Sadly, nothing says “no leverage” like driving four hours to a dealership. Nothing says “we don’t care about you and your 4-hour drive at all” like the salesman being a no-show and the truck being gone to boot. Larry’s sales expertise sure came in handy. Love how he was able to work his way into the salesman’s heart with the compassionate, kind banter, complimenting him on his skillful ability to overcome his handicap. Yes, Donny is one smooth cat, but he has nothing on Larry. Most people could not pull off that kind of discussion gracefully, especially if they just drove 4 hours to see the object of their desire, only to find out it was used as a shuttle vehicle to the airport. Love how Larry was able to compartmentalize. He had to get the truck of his dreams, yet, he can’t leave that much money on the table. This is upper-level sales skills.
    I have one question. When you shook Donny’s “one hand,” inquiring minds want to know if he reached with the stump and if so, did you shun it?
    Anyway, I totally loved this. I continue to love reading about your adventures.
    Like your song, this one too.

    Tell the gang hi. Hope everyone is well. Keep me posted on any Branson developments.
    Miss you all.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you, I’m getting the impression you like this one? Or is it the truck? Larry is over the moon with his, he’s added all sorts of paraphernalia so we can haul the tandem bike, store tools, lock the cover, added some storage under the back seat, mats, etc. A new package comes just about every day! Keeps his occupied and that’s a good thing. I think it is hysterical that you and Larry have the exact same truck? And that the two of you drove four hours to secure the beast! It’s as if you and Larry were related instead of you and I. The shenanigans involved with buying a car are ridiculous. I don’t know if I’d call Larry a sales expert but he did drive away with a truck. Poor Donny didn’t have a chance. And he was a cool cat. By the way, he shook my hand with his only hand, praise be to God. I think we might need to do a Zoom call and discuss Branson? I think both Jim and Larry have accounts. I’ll email everyone and see when it might work. Love your song, perfect. Talk soon, miss you, hugs, Cheryl


  14. OMG!! Thanks for the giggle which was much needed today. I am visiting friends and their family for a wedding. My BFF’s brother-in-law has already commented that I really don’t like my ex-husband so I didn’t want to tell him about this story. Your Larry is so different from my ex when it comes to negotiating and would have divorced me after telling any kind of story like this about him. Oh, wait, he already did!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are welcome! It was my intention to spread a little humor and I’m thrilled to have been the reason for your giggles! My husband is a good sport about his appearances in the blog, but he’s also an endless source of material! Well now, you don’t have to worry what your ex thinks, write away! Hugs, C


  15. You caught my eye with the title… however, I am not that shallow, so of course I was not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting expectantly for its delicious entry… ahh… did I just write… delicious…? Must have been thinking of those JimBoy’s tacos you ate later…

    Absolutely fantastic adventure…!

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Wow, he got the art of the deal. Funny story. I understand well about the morning coffee. As a wife with the husband going to the dealer, I understand it is challenging not to get too involved in the logistics as sometimes the guys might know the art of the deal best.

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