My Concept of Beauty Is Aging Well

Preparation Is Key I knew this chrysalis stage was going to be rough, as if tackling pubescence in your fifties, but I have to admit the unrelenting …

My Concept of Beauty Is Aging Well

To my readers, I’m traveling this week, visiting my oldest son. So I’m posting an essay I wrote for Navigating the Change! Hope you enjoy it! I’ll try to post later this week! 💕C


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  1. C, this essay blew me away! Your words are so beautiful. You are a gifted writer my friend. You deserved this essay win celebration. You make everything relatable and a joy to read. Enjoy this time with your son! Stay safe and blessed! Sending you mucho love and hugs (and prayers for safety!). K 💕🤗♥️💛

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    1. Hi Karla, I just found this bank of comments! I never opened my computer in Portugal and missed these! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. Means the world to me! Love and Hugs, C

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  2. Well done on winning first prize, Cheryl! I enjoyed the essay immensely.
    (Even though I didn’t have a menopause or gave birth. 🙂 )
    My grandson asked me where my hair had gone. I told him I was tired of combing it and had told it to go away.
    Best wishes.

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    1. Thank you Pete, sorry for the delayed response, I never opened my computer while in Portugal and missed all these! Love the response to your grandson, “I was tired of combing it and told it to go away,” that’s how it goes some days for me too! Hugs, C

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  3. Congratulations! Have a wonderful visit with your son. FYI, I love this sentence: “I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a confident, unencumbered woman, who understands not only her immeasurable worth, but her influence on the perpetuation of society.”

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    1. Thank you, E, sorry for the delay, I just found this block of comments I somehow misses. I suppose I was having a wonderful time with my son! And the line you pointed out is one of my favorites too, there is nothing more attractive than a person who values who and what she is. Hugs, C

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  4. What a lovely and heartening essay. You mean, this body that is always cold will very soon start to be always hot? Ha. The body and aging is amazing, isn’t it? One of my guys said, “Mom, will I get wrinkles on my forehead like you have?” And I said, “If you’re lucky.” I try to remember I’m lucky to be here, writing, reading wonderful writing like yours, and trucking through life in this shell until its next step, when God willing I won’t need it!

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    1. Thank you Rebecca, sorry for the delayed response, I never opened my computer in Portugal! And yes, your cool body heats up as you age, it’s rather startling at first, when you’re finally getting used to it, you’re suddenly cold again! Nature is an oddity for sure. My granddaughters are the ones who comment about my aging body most, noticing all the wrinkles, grey hair, and spots on my skin! And I agree with you, we are lucky to be here, and just maybe we won’t need all these encumberments on the next journey. Thanks for the lovely comment, hugs and love, C

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        1. Thank you Rebecca! I appreciate your words more than I can convey. And yes, even though writing is how I manage life, sometimes not opening a computer can be a treat! Thanks for understanding. Hugs and love to you, C

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