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An Age Old Story…

Taking this opportunity to introduce myself to the Word Press community seems self-aggrandizing!

Let me help you, help me sort of thing.

So here’s the deal. I’m old enough to receive the senior discount every Tuesday at Lunardi’s Market, and I believe that qualifies me to write what I really think, no sugarcoating or banal reiterations.

I’m glad we agree on something.

So all you need to know is once a week, I save two percent on my groceries, and I host an extraordinary blog (according to my mother) with the coolest name, Living in the Gap. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not, no hard feelings.

Go on, I’ll wait while you check it out!

Cover Design by David King

I have a book that came out this year, and when you calm down, you can order a dozen or so copies! Here’s the link. Maybe stock the frig with champagne because I’ll be dropping by to thank you personally, and I like a little bubbly.

I’ve been fortunate with love. Married forty years this November. Try not to do the math. I married VERY young. During this time, we made a bunch of kids, they married, and they made more people. We’re like rabbits.

And not to brag. Much. But my old ball and chain, Larry, and I retired this year. We’re in the honeymoon phase of retired people, we wake up every day (praise God) and have absolutely no clue what day it is.

It’s true.

Other interesting facts. I’m tall, I blame the Neanderthals, but the important thing is I have an insatiable passion for writing. Come find me. I think we’re supposed to be best friends.


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  1. Reminds me of visiting London and on the tube, the voice saying Mind the Gap. I am curious still after reading your About. I write often about my location in Canada so it leads me I suppose to wonder about where in the world are the readers I follow. BTW I think you are a humorous writer and I think that is the hardest type of writing, for me at least. I think also you could be a public speaker with the stories in you, life stories with messages that resonate. – David

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    1. Hi David, I somehow missed this comment, terribly sorry. Someday, when this pandemic is over, I hope to get to London and I’ll listen for that voice on the tube. I currently live in California, my home is located in the Bay Area, but I spend most weekends in Lake County, just outside of Napa, at our lake house. I’m so appreciative of your encouragement and that my writing resonates with you! Big smiles, virtual elbow bump, you can’t see me but this old girl is doing an elaborate jig! All my best, Cheryl


    1. Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by Living in the Gap and leaving a comment here. I need to check this part of my site more frequently. I was so pleased to find several comments. And I agree, SF has the best food. Enjoy the day. Hugs, C


    1. Hi Alex, Wow! Thank you for taking the time to track me down and send me the information on the book light! The was above and beyond! I’ll check it out and see if I can make one too! Thank you so much, hugs, C

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    2. Hi Alex,

      Thank you so much for sharing the link, I just found it here. That light is indeed a treasure. I’ll have to check it out and make a few subtle suggestions for my kids to consider. What a fabulous way of celebrating a publication. Thank you. Hugs, C

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  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Great to meet a fellow born and raised San Franciscan! I love it. I was born in S.F. raised in Daly City and moved down the peninsula to get some warmth! We have a lake house in Lake County but most refer to Tahoe when they say getting to the lake.
    Love the name of your site!
    Happy Pooja connected you here so we could meet you and thrilled to read about Alex’s light treasure. See you around! ❣️


    1. Hi Cindy,

      Thank you for dropping by my site and introducing yourself. We have so much in common! I so appreciate your comment and hope to see more of you at Living in the Gap. Hugs, C


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