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Born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cheryl Oreglia hosts a lifestyle blog called Living in the Gap, which appears weekly as she corrals the time to write and reflect on the mundane. Oreglia holds a M.A. degree in Religious Studies from Santa Clara University. She says, “I do have a life outside of my head and it squeezes between me and my keyboard like a frightened child. What can you do? On the surface my life is common, I’m married with children, even grandchildren, a high school teacher who lives for weekends at the lake, but just below the surface is a unique voice, one that I hope will resonate with you.” Living in the Gap, a customized, over the hill, gritty, complicated life. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Join me. Living in the Gap has over 200,000 views and is syndicated by The Good Men Project. Contact me at cheryloreglia@aol.com


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  1. Reminds me of visiting London and on the tube, the voice saying Mind the Gap. I am curious still after reading your About. I write often about my location in Canada so it leads me I suppose to wonder about where in the world are the readers I follow. BTW I think you are a humorous writer and I think that is the hardest type of writing, for me at least. I think also you could be a public speaker with the stories in you, life stories with messages that resonate. – David

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    1. Hi David, I somehow missed this comment, terribly sorry. Someday, when this pandemic is over, I hope to get to London and I’ll listen for that voice on the tube. I currently live in California, my home is located in the Bay Area, but I spend most weekends in Lake County, just outside of Napa, at our lake house. I’m so appreciative of your encouragement and that my writing resonates with you! Big smiles, virtual elbow bump, you can’t see me but this old girl is doing an elaborate jig! All my best, Cheryl


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