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The Problem The prospect of returning to work after the holiday break is like walking into an air conditioned room from the Mojave Dessert, it’s rather shocking, and might I add damaging to your immune system. But then again if I catch a cold I’d be forced to stay home? Bahaha “I’m so inspired after […]


The Set-up Edward Lindaman says one of life’s most fulfilling moments occurs in the split-second when the familiar is suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new. This is my objective, making the familiar new, Edward’s a little more flowery. Whatever. I’m not big on resolutions, I make them, but they fizzle as […]


  I would like to thank Nilakshi from Marakimusings for nominating me for this fun and uplifting award. She offers personal growth advice empowering her followers to be joyous, to overcome fears, and self-sabotaging behavior. Hey, we can all use a little help with our renegade thoughts, and distractive habits. MerakiMusings is here to provide tips […]


Racing into the train terminal, I know time is of the essence, I see them clear as day, they’re holding hands, but appear lost? After running the space of a basketball court, I greet my very deceased, but surprisingly present Mom and Dad. The next thing I know I’m standing next to Dad, he’s older […]


“And the angel said unto them: Fear not, for, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a savior which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you.” Linus I am as enchanted […]


Life is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of that question. Tennessee Williams With the power of a horrific storm we are lifted into the air, and unceremoniously dropped in New York City, the wonderful land of Awe’s, where everyone wears black, and walks really fast. I had my […]


Resides my heart, longing for me is sometimes an impulse for words, fingers lightly grazing the keyboard, assembling emotions impossible to embrace, but as if a compass which magnetically points one towards a destination, this wistful desire has landed our family in Lisbon, Portugal for the Thanksgiving holiday. As Andre Gide reminds us we cannot […]


Our landscapes are formed not only of soil and rock but through the eye of the beholder if you will. For example where I might see a lush structure rooted in the moist soil, it’s plentiful arms reaching towards the sky as if in sacred worship, clothed in a russet silk gown, dancing in the […]


Come closer, a little closer please, I need you near. My mood is reflective, the bathroom mirror draws me in, as I observe my nakedness through the toothpaste streaked surface.  I carefully scan my gently used skin for irregularities, reflecting on the less than peachy color, a dullness if you will, but mostly what I […]


Shuffling between laundry room and recliner I attempt to rid the linens of daily grime, while spinning my brain, as if thrown in the dryer, for a few fibrous thoughts that might end up in the lint catcher. The only thing I’m feeling is agitated and damp, it’s not going well, maybe I need to […]