Knocking on the door of life, in the middle of an excruciating death, is the Lenten journey I willingly took on. I had to fight my own community the first few weeks, but after fourteen days in the desert sun, I went to battle with myself. I’m using Lent as a portal to the life […]

It ends up the little things, those fleeting moments, aren’t so little after all? Sometimes I miss the significance of a small moment. I’m all wrapped up in my own concerns and completely miss the message being communicated. It has happened before, it will happen again, I even coach my future self to be on […]

I live in Campbell. My house faces North, on a typical suburban road, where the homes are so tightly packed, I have to squeeze myself out of the neighborhood from time to time, like oil from tuna, in order to breath. James Dunham, of Campbell, our infamous serial killer, must of felt squeezed, when he murdered […]