I woke under the spell of a dream. A dream that left behind emotional residue. Residue from imaginary events not possible, logical, or related but puissant nonetheless. It’s all very perplexing ~ keep reading, I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Pushing myself up from the warm covers, I struggle to remember the smallest fragment of my dream, as […]


She asks, “Am I bothering you?” No one ever asks me that and it throws me for a minute but I smile and say, “No, of course not.” Her movements are slow, always a somber expression, unless she is teasing me, and I notice her eyes never stop observing the world. I wonder about her […]

It’s my father’s birthday today. He passed away several years ago but I like to spend time sifting through my memories on the day he came into the world. I remember observing my father from a distance the morning he was scheduled for bypass surgery back in September of 2002… It is a chilly Northwestern morning as […]