“How you doing?” I asked my Mom this question at the beginning of almost every call, or visit, and her answer was always the same. “I’m fine,” even in her final days. This was not a conversation, it was a pattern, our pattern. I knew she was not fine. She knew she was not fine. […]


Have you ever played with a pill bug? You know the ones that curl up into a ball and you can roll them around the palm of your hand. I loved them as a kid, they seemed mysterious, and the idea that they could instantly create this protective shell was intriguing to my younger self. […]


I tell my sophomores exactly when they will have an epiphany and how they will share this new wisdom with the class. An epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization.  They like to moan and complain, “Mrs. O, what if nothing happens to me? Isn’t that God’s work? Are there some epiphanies that fail?” What I am […]