But I Don’t Have To Like It “And perhaps that might be the way to write — to open the page and to let the stories crawl in by themselves.” John Steinbeck Every house has its own personality, like husbands and dogs. Some are vivacious and alive, others solemn and quiet or deceptively charming. One […]


It’s a smidgen past 9:00 am when Larry parades across our bedroom holding up three fingers. Which could only mean one thing. It took him three tries to complete today’s wordle challenge and the only reason he is gloating is that it took me four.  Retirement. What’s not to like? I say, “I thought you […]


We bought a home on the edge of the water, some five years back, a sweet spot in our otherwise serendipitous marriage. Both of us surrendering to the desire to hack out a space of our own in the California dreamscape. He wanted water, I wanted rows of adirondack chairs, he wanted a boat dock, […]