Is When You’re Afraid, and You Do It Anyway “Having a grandmother is like having an army. This is a grandchild’s ultimate privilege: knowing that someone is on your side, always, whatever the details. Even when you are wrong.” Fredrik Backman “Good morning Grammie.” For the last four days, I have opened my eyes to […]


A nasty kink has been terrorizing the back of my neck for weeks.  Writing from the wingback chair in my room with a board laid over the arms to hold the computer has been forcing my neck into an awkward position. After almost two years of this sort of abuse, my neck is rebelling.  The […]


The rain has been incessant this week, adding to the general gloom of quarantine, as if the whether were mimicking our mood. I’m slowly forgetting what it was like to get up in the morning, groom myself, and head out to work? It’s seems like another lifetime. I wanted to be efficacious during this furlough […]

Ug…everywhere I turn I’m confronted with carnage. Fear is on the rise in our world, in our homes, and therefore in our hearts. It makes me consider my own fears. Where did they come from? Are they rational or irrational? And how do I deal with them? The one thing I know about fear is it’s […]

“Sometimes we find hope in the deep, dark crevices of life.” This quote came from a novel I have been working on for years (embarrassed to say how many). It was my first attempt at writing. I don’t know what possessed me, but one day I  sat down at the computer, and started writing. I wrote […]

I’ve been gone for almost two weeks, tucked away at the lake, working on a novel.  It has been a dream come true but it is time to return to the Bay Area, manage the homestead, and see for myself what plants survived.  I have been thinking about the scene that will greet me upon […]