What’s new? Life is a mystery, like one of those ridiculous Rubik cubes, and no matter how many times I repeat the ingrained patterns, it remains unsolvable. Regardless, I still plan on monopolizing every damn clue I discover along the way. This is why I write. I’m trying to solve the mystery as it unfolds […]

She is gentle, he is sturdy, and together they are a killer combo of divine providence. Of course I’m talking about the Arruda’s, of Providence, Rhode Island, and believe me when I say their accent alone will keep you captivated. Friendship is one of those rare and unique phenomenons. When you find it, you hang on […]

In my mind I’m thinking, “Okay, there are four of us, and four of them, we can definitely take em.” But I remain totally silent, a stiff smile plastered across my face, on full alert. Somehow I landed on a pontoon boat, in the middle of Clearlake, with four complete strangers, four dogs, and no idea […]


The sad thing about road trips is when you come across those forsaken little markers, where a person’s life has ended, but you don’t know who, and you don’t know how. Sometimes I use my imagination to fill in the blanks, but this isn’t necessarily helpful, or true. According to the CDC approximately 77,000 pedestrians […]